Fast Boy Cycles

Ezra Caldwell is the man behind Fast Boy Cycles. We're long time fans of the bicycles, the photos
and the man (he is a real hero)

The Fast Boy Cycles are really beautifully crafted, with smart details.
The idea is not to build in series, but as projects that you can buy or custom made by request.

He is also a great photographer. Some of his photos are available on the Etsy web shop fastboy.

Cancer has once again catch up with him, but this man is not going down without a fight, he has been kicking it back, and teaching cancer to cry.
Has he puts it in his blog "Fuck cancer I'm Ezra"

So we tried to help the way we could, we bought one of his photos (that he sells to finance his treatments) and send him a Lucky Cap for good luck.
So now Ezra is a lucky basterd.
keep on smiling.


We dedicate this post to all that are fighting with all their strengths because they love life.

If you can, help someone... do it.

These are the heros of our time!




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