WHBPC 2011 results

Resultados finales / Final results

1st - Crazy Canucks ( Rory/Chris/Alex CAN)
2nd - Call Me Daddy (Polo/William/Greg EUR)
3rd - The Guardians (Seabass/Julian/Dustin USA)
4th - Iron Ponies (Quentin/ Johan/ Clement EUR)
5th - L'Equipe (Manu/ Mario/ Lukas EUR)
5th -  The Beaver Boys (Kremin/ Brian/ Joe USA)
7th - Portland United (Arlyn/ Eric/ Jason USA)
7th - DTGP (Kev/ Ngaihon/ Hugo EUR/CA)
9th - Synthese (Morritz/ Anna/ David EUR)
9th - L'Explosif (Jason/ Andre/ Messman USA)
9th - The Oddballs (Leon/ Drew/ Mike ODD)
9th - Alpha 1 ( Ian/ Alexis/ Mark NA)

Felicitaciones a los equipos Europeos que este año han subido bastante el nivel de juego!

Congrats to the European teams that this year rised a lot their polo level quality!


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