Mallet Dolorosa Berlin 2013

Here are some photos of the awesome all female bikepolo tournament Mallet Dolorosa. It was a single shuffle tournament with 42 girls from all over: Germany, UK, Poland, Hungary, Italy, France, Portugal and some players from Australia and States living in Europe (are we forgetting anyone?)!

It was a great format in the way that everyone could play lots of games with different players. After 8 rounds it was single elimination format. Sometimes you got a really experience team and sometimes a less one. It all depended in St.Shuffle! The court was really good (despite of the really cold weather!).

Everyone had a great time and lots of gifts. The goodie bags were incredible: t-shirts, socks, posters, messenger bag, stickers. The tournament sountrack was awesome: from Rage against the machine to Dirty Dancing soundtrack! And before the finals there were cupcakes for everyone.

A huge thanks to the organizers (Angie, Gitti and Anouk!) and to the guys that helped refering and cheered the games!



Os dejamos algunas fotos del torneo feminino de bikepolo Mallet Dolorosa. Un torneo de single shuffle con 42 chicas de varios paises: Alemania, Inglaterra, Polonia, Hungria, Italia, Francia, Portugal y algunas jugadores de Australia y Estados Unidos que viven en Europa (nos olvidamos de alguién?)!

El formato del torneo era divertido porque todo el mundo jugó al menos 8 partidos con bastantes jugadoras diferentes. Después de 8 rondas hasta la final eran partidos de eliminación directa. Te podia tocar un equipo más o menos experiente segun el St.Shuffle! La cancha estaba muy bien (apesar del frio glaciar que hacia!). 

Todo el mundo lo pasó genial. Los goodie bags eran increibles: t-shirts, calcetines, posters, messenger bag, pegatinas - regalos para todas. La trilla sonora del  torneo también lo petó: desde Rage Against the Machine hasta Dirty Dancing! Y antes de las finales bandejas de cupcakes!

Muchisimas gracias a la organización (Angie, Gitti y Anouk!) y gracias a los chicos que han arbitrado y animado los partidos! 




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